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Window treatments spruce up Liverpool before all class meetings Business Journal Daily

EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — With several thousand Potter alumni set to arrive in town next week for East Liverpool High School’s all-class reunion, many projects are underway to beautify the river town not just to honor its history, but also for its future. .

Among the latest projects is the window dressing of empty downtown storefronts to showcase some of the city’s ongoing renovation plans and activities.

The project is the brainchild of 3rd Ward Councilman Jeff Kreefer and his wife Julie, who decided to find sponsors to purchase banners to dress otherwise bare windows.

Alumnus Gini Jackson has launched a campaign to raise money for the purchase of string lights throughout downtown to highlight the streets that Kreefer, a retired aide to the fire department president, members current and retired fire department have suspended.

“We were turning on the lights and the (empty) display cases looked so sterile that I had the idea of ​​covering the windows,” he said.

After speaking with his wife and longtime Potter Alumni Association icon Frank Dawson, who “thought it was a great idea,” Kreefer began soliciting photo sponsors.

With the cooperation of photographer Jimmy Joe Savage and Campbell’s Signs & Apparel in Glenmoor, photographs and designs are reproduced and sized to fit the windows.

Kreefer said the subjects shown in the images relate to recent, not historical activities.

“We wanted things that people would identify with, not things from 70 years ago. We wanted current events for people to pass by and the images to put a smile on their faces. If you get things (pictured) that are too old, no one can understand,” Kreefer said.

In one building on Fifth Street, for example, one window displays a photograph of the class of 2022 from East Liverpool High School while other windows around it feature architect artwork prepared by a design firm from Pittsburgh showing possible renovation ideas for downtown.

The site of the former Boardman Medical Center at the corner of Fifth and Market also now has colorful depictions of renovation ideas in its windows while awaiting a new tenant.

Mayor Greg Bricker, found June 22 outside his office at City Hall, working alongside others renovating a downtown building on Market Street, said Urban Design’s final revitalization plan Associates is expected to be completed next month.

Kreefer said the images in windows make empty buildings more marketable and aesthetically pleasing.

Bricker agreed.

“He’s doing a great job,” the mayor said. “We had been trying to make window stickers for two years. Him and Gini [Jackson] both ran with (the project).

Kreefer thanked his wife and past and present colleagues in the fire department, paying special tribute to firefighters Alex Estell and Josh Coil for their extra efforts.

“Without the guys from the fire station, none of this could have been done. No matter what I ask them to do, they do it,” Kreefer said.

The images must be designed specifically for each window so that they fit perfectly. They will remain in place even after the meeting until the buildings are sold or occupied.

The focus is currently on windows on Fifth Street since that is the city’s “main street,” according to Kreefer. “We will do other streets because we can sell the banners,” he said.

Sponsors are sought to pay for additional photos. Kreefer estimates the cost at $20 per running foot, giving as an example a four foot screen would cost $80. A “trivial” charge is added for the velcro needed to hang each picture.

Anyone interested in sponsoring a banner should contact Kreefer at 330 843 4778.

While someone has previously sponsored banners for the famous Thompson building at Devon’s Diamond, Bricker said efforts are underway to secure a grant that could be used to save this iconic building, which has been vacant for some time.

The mayor said he recently drove through town with investors in an effort to “sell downtown living.”

The city received a $200,000 grant to start a sports complex, he reported. More details, including the proposed site for the complex, will be forthcoming, he said.

With these projects underway and others underway, Bricker said, “We’re trying to show what we’re going to do while there are thousands of people here (for the meeting).”

The meeting of all classes takes place from June 30 to July 2. It takes place every five years and is sponsored by the East Liverpool Alumni Association.

The association was formed in 1986 as part of a project to build the Alumni Clock Tower on Fourth Street to house the Central School’s clock and bell, which was razed in 1966 It has become the largest alumni organization in America, according to the East Liverpool Historical. Company website.

Pictured above: Third Ward Councilor Jeff Kreefer, retired East Liverpool Deputy Fire Chief, and his wife Julie came up with the idea of ​​filling empty shop windows with colorful banners showing ongoing activities and proposed city renovations.

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