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Top 5 Video Advertising Platforms You Should Check Out


Bootstrappé, leading video SSP in the AdTech field, Truvid, has found a global solution to meet the needs of publishers. Truvid’s accessible platform allows publishers to monetize their websites, through ads and video content and basically bridges the gap between advertisers, publishers and content owners. User experience is at the heart of truvid’s character, ensuring that they not only deliver a simple but also feature-rich console. Reinforcing their publisher prioritization, truvid builds direct relationships with their publishers, certifying their satisfaction with their service. Truvid’s platform incorporates high-end technology, delivering premium, non-intrusive and fast-loading video content that is swipeable and therefore interactive with its users. As one of the pioneers in providing video content, truvid offers over 1 million professional videos in over 28 languages ​​from its professional content library. Within the platform, publishers have the ability to contextually match video content with their media, upload their organic video content, or use the mobile discovery unit to gauge audience preferences in real time. With branches in Brazil and Taiwan, truvid serves the needs of publishers around the world.


Founded in 2007, Awarded is a leading video discovery technology, enabling publishers to increase their revenue. Primis’ Server to Server platform covers all of its bases, delivering a wide range of engaging video content that complements the publisher’s wants and needs. Popular video content from Primis is automatically paired with perfectly matched publishers, maximizing traffic and driving higher revenue. Primis is a key partner for major advertisers such as Google and Magnite, ensuring the highest video quality standards, viewability and completion rates. Additionally, Primis’ technology incorporates strict rules to ensure that brands only appear in protected environments, meaning that only human traffic will be included in ad and content viewability. This Video Discovery technology is committed to providing a pure user experience while ensuring maximum monetization for publishers. Primis offers an automated tool; ‘’, as an additional service that allows publishers and buyers to have a transparent overview of the background of any domain.

any clip

Visual Intelligence Society, any clip has revolutionized the content sphere by contributing to the new era of video content born out of the Covid-19 pandemic. With video becoming the most important means of content creation and communication, AnyClip’s high-end technology enables content creators to manage and distribute their video content automatically, ten times faster than real-time. Additionally, their AI tools offer rich data analysis, enabling features such as identifying and tagging brands, objects, content categories, people, brand safety flags, spoken words. This technology has created a perfect solution for businesses that want to use video content to communicate directly with their target audience. AI analytics tools help content owners embed branded videos on their relevant pages of their media platform. This technology also enables internal communication within a company using video, adopting video as a means of communication. This allows all internal videos to be centralized, organized and accessible to a workforce, making for an easy sharing solution. With a range of technical features, AnyClip’s platform allows users to focus on meta-analyzing their performance and leverage data to optimize traffic.


Founded in 2013, Connatix saw the gap for top-notch video experiences and therefore delivered that. Connatix equips both publishers and advertisers to produce quality, immersive video experiences. Indeed, Connatix’s platform goes beyond their support for their players with their “Elements” feature. With technology from Connatix, this feature assembles back-end algorithms to ensure publishers can maximize revenue and deliver premium video content aligned with publisher media. Connatix’s platform adopts a user-friendly player that is committed to protecting publishers from unpleasant advertising behavior. The player can view content provided by Connatix or use existing video stories which can be edited precisely to fit the player. Connatix has recently expanded internationally, opening offices in the UK.


AdTech startup, Vidazoo (, now acquired by Perion Network, is a video content platform that also enables in-depth content management. Vidazoo’s principles stem from removing the pressure on editors and journalists to allow them to automatically embed video content into stories in real time. The reputation of Vidazoo’s products for their video content is unmatched, including an HTML5 video player, ad server, data analysis and automatic integration of contextual video content into real-time media. Vidazoo facilitates a positive user experience and hence encourages optimal engagement by introducing features such as auto-play triggers and auto mute, promotion of top performing videos on relevant pages, floating player that follows the journey of the user and the creation of specific video playlists. With this platform, users will be exposed to high impact video campaigns.

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