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The Prince of Bavaria personally brought humanitarian aid to Mykolaiv

Photo: Oleksandr Gordienko/Mykolaiv Suspilne

In Mykolaiv, humanitarian aid was provided to employees of the international airport, which Russian troops defeated in the spring. The cargo was brought in on September 16 from Germany and Romania. The parcels were handed over personally by the Prince of Bavaria, who initiated the collection of money.

It is reported by Suspicious.

Water filters, food, personal care products and survival bags. In such bags there are: flashlights, power banks, radios – all this is charged either from the mains or with the help of mechanisms on the devices themselves, rotating a self-charging device. There are also mini ovens and first aid kits. All this, according to the volunteers, is a matter of first necessity in a war.

“We decided to come to Mykolaiv because Bavaria has many relations with this region. After all, we need to be where it’s needed most. That’s why we’re here,” – said Prince Ludwig of Bavaria.

This shipment is the result of cooperation between volunteers from Germany, Romania and several Ukrainian cities. Two trucks were unloaded in front of the airport building, and humanitarian kits were distributed to airport employees according to the lists after verification of documents. This shipment cost almost a hundred thousand euros, given that the companies from which they purchased the items gave a 50% discount.

The remaining parcels will be given to charities who will distribute them to the people they care for.