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The Man Behind The Vaqueros Voice – Alice Echo News Journal

By Melissa Cantu Trevino/[email protected]

SAN DIEGO — For more than 20 years, the Voice of the Vaqueros has been welcoming fans and providing detailed coverage of Vaqueros football games.

Rogelio “Roy” Guerrero has been the voice of the San Diego Vaqueros for over 20 years. Photo by Melissa Cantu Trevino

Rogelio “Roy” Guerrero served as a representative for his hometown and school district. He was born and raised in the small town of San Diego. He attended the San Diego Independent School District and played several sports. He graduated from San Diego High School with the class of 1983.

Guerrero began making announcements in the mid-1980s on “the old high school baseball field where the old swimming pool was.” The old high school and swimming pool were torn down several years ago to make way for new schools and facilities for the district, but Guerrero remembers watching every game and was proud of what he was doing, a game at a time.

“I was the announcer for little league baseball in San Diego. I was announcing before my kids played and now I’m announcing for my grandkids,” Guerrero said. a long time.”

Guerrero jumped in to announce Vaqueros football games and has been to every game since the construction of the new stadium in the new high school.

“(As of Friday, September 9), the Vaqueros are still undefeated on this new ground,” Guerrero said. “My favorite part of the announcement is welcoming everyone to Vaquero Country at the start of each game.”

The new artificial turf is royal blue with a gold mascot at the 50-yard line and gold end zones that represent the school colors.

Guerrero doesn’t see an end in sight to what he’s been doing and recently added Thursday night games to his announcement schedule.