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Tackett, Bruhn Named First Team All-Area | Sports

MONTICELLO — Two track and field athletes from Monticello were named to the News-Gazette All-Area First Team last week. Several others received second-team and honorable mention status.


Kate Ahmari Jr. Long Distance Uni High;

Olivia Birge Sr. throws a salt fork;

Mabry Bruhn Jr. Mid/Long Distance Monticello;

Brianna Dixon Jr. Hurdles/Rantoul Jumps;

Savane Franzen Fr. Interurban Saint-Joseph-Ogden;

Noëlle Hunt Fr. Centenary of sprints/jumps;

Trixie Johnson Jr. Paxton-Buckley-Loda Middle Distance;

Brynlee Keeran Sr. Jumps/Pole Vault Salt Fork;

Shelby McGee Jr. Salt Fork hurdles/jumps;

Kayla Nelson Jr. Sprints/jumps Unity;

Lia Patterson Sr. Tuscola sprints/hurdles;

Hope Rajlich Sr. Sprints St. Joseph-Ogden;

Nickiya Shields Fr. Hurdles Danville;

Alyssa Williams Sr. Tuscola Sprints/Jumps;

Mabry Bruhn

Why she made the first team: Another state cross-country top 10 earlier in the school year, Bruhn ran in sixth place in the Class 2A 800-meter race (2 minutes, 18 .64 seconds), was part of a 3,200m relay tandem in sixth place (9:49.78) and qualified for the state in the 1,600m race.

She needs concert tickets to see… Morgan Wallen.

Before competing, she eats… strawberries and other fruits.

In her dream career, she would be… either a nurse or a large animal veterinarian.

Her favorite subjects to study in school are… human anatomy and horticulture.

Her favorite athlete is… Tara Davis.

His favorite TV show is…”The Bachelor” or “Selling Sunset”.

If she could dine with three people from any era, she would choose… Jesus, Abe Lincoln and Tara Davis.

Three items on his to-do list are…jumping off a cliff into the ocean, walking a red carpet, and going to Hayward Field (preferably to run).


Rose Talbert Jr. Middle Distance Monticello;

Alexis Wike Jr. Sprints/jumps Blue Ridge;


ARTHUR-LOVINGTON-ATWOOD-HAMMOND — Alexa Miller (Sr., sprints/jumps).

BLUE RIDGE – Phoebe Reynolds (So., hurdles/jumps).

CERRO GORDO/BEMENT — Haley Garrett (Jr., sprints/jumps); Jazzi Hicks (Jr., pitching); Bella Zigler (Sr., sprints/jumps).

DeLAND-WELDON – Morgan Frye (So spear).

MONTICELLO — Estella Miller (Jr., long distance); Sylvia Miller (Fr., long distance); Clara Rudolph (Sr., long distance); Rachel Koon (Sr., middle/long distance); Kyara Welter (Sr., long distance).


Max Allen Sr. ALAH Sprints;

Dylan Bazzell Jr. Hurdles/Jumps Prairie Central;

Chris Boyd Jr. pitches Tuscola;

Beau Edwards Sr. Sprints/middle distance/jumps Arcola;

Jackson Gilbert Jr. Sprints/middle distance Urbana;

Ben Jessup Jr. Sprints/launches Salt Fork;

Nathan Kirby Jr. Salt Fork Sprints/Hedges;

Centenary of Daniel Lacy Jr.’s sprints;

Karson Lewsader Sr. Jumps Georgetown-Ridge Farm/Chrisman;

Kemoni McCullough Sr. Centennial Sprints/Jumps;

Eli Mojonnier Sr. Mid/Long Distance BHRA;

Daryl Okeke Jr. Hurdles/Jumps Judah Christian;

Jacob Tackett Sr. Sprints Monticello;

Garrett Taylor Jr. throws out a salt fork;

Jacob Tacett

Why he made the first team: Tackett led the fourth-place Class 2A 800-meter relay quartet in a final time of 1 minute, 29.14 seconds. On top of that, he was a state qualifier in both the 100m and 400 relay, missing advancement to the finals by less than two-tenths of a second in each.

He needs concert tickets to see… Kanye West.

Before competing, he eats… spaghetti and meatballs.

In his dream career, he would spend most of my time outdoors and working with other people.

His favorite subject to study in school is… math.

His favorite athlete is… Jameis Winston.

His favorite TV show is…”The Flash”.

If he could dine with three people from any era, he would choose… Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy and Dick Vitale.

Three items on his bucket list are…skydiving, traveling to Japan and watching a Super Bowl in person.


Cole Pemble So. Blue Ridge Sprints/Long Jump;


ARTHUR-LOVINGTON-ATWOOD-HAMMOND — Logan Beckmier (Jr., long distance); Jacob Duzan (Sr., long distance); Jace Green (Sr., middle/long distance); Landon Waldrop (So., hurdles/jumps);

BLUE RIDGE – Matt Schumacher (So spear);

CERRO GORDO/BEMENT — Dylan Howell (So., long distance); Chance Young (So, sprints/jumps);

DeLAND-WELDON – Phoenix Stukins (Fr., throws); TJ Smith (Fr., long distance);

MONTICELLO — Jackson Grambart (Sr., long distance); Ed Mitchell (Sr., middle distance); Peyton Scott (Sr., sprints); Heath Smith (Sr., sprints/jumps); Mick Wright (Jr., sprint).