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‘Stupid Finder’ explores brotherhood in Nigeria’s lower social class

May 15, 2022 | 8:25 p.m. “Stupid Finder” has generated a lot of buzz since its premiere at the EbonyLife Creative Academy graduation in 2022 where it received Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Male Lead Actor , Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Art Director, and Best Final Mix and Music is now available to watch for free. Story… “Stupid Finder” has drawn a lot of people since it premiered at the EbonyLife Creative Academy graduation in 2022 where it won Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Lead Actor Male, Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Director Art, and Best Final Mix and Music are now available to watch for free. Story by Hope Matthew and directed by Dotun Ololade and Sylvester Ahonsi, Stupid Finder is about brotherhood and finding new paths. ‘Stupid Finder’ is a relevant and timely short film exploring how underprivileged Nigerians survive and the chances of navigating their way out of life. The short film was released on Friday, May 5 on the EbonyLife creative academy platform on YouTube. The objective of this short film is to inform and educate people from the lower social class to pursue their goals and break out of the stereotype of their current location. The short film also explores the depth of love that accompanies brotherhood despite the differences and diversity of views and thoughts. Speaking on the purpose of the film, co-director, Dotun Ololade said; “What we’ve done with Stupid Finder is simple; we have used storytelling to engage Nigerian communities on complex social issues, in a way that is relatable and gives meaning to the issues we are tackling. It’s an incredible honor to be a part of this production and I’m so humbled by the opportunity to direct this amazing project and work with the cast and crew. Produced by Eric Nwanso, Lawrence Iweriebor, Imoh Eboh and Stephanie Ugbeye, “Stupid Finder” is inspired by events unfolding in various communities and rural areas of Lagos, Nigeria. One of the film’s producers, Eric Nwanso, had this to say: “As Nigerian storytellers who have always tried to show the life and challenges of the lower social class, ‘Stupid Finder’ puts a unique narrative around the nature of truth in their world. As Leonard Cohen said, “there are cracks in everything – that’s how light comes in” Guardian Life 3 hours ago “Stupid Finder” got a lot of buzz since its premiere at the EbonyLife Creative Academy graduation in 2022 where it received Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Male Lead Actor, Best Editing, Best Design Costume Design, Best Art Director, and Best Final Mix & Music is now available for free Story… 3 hours ago For centuries, people have used the words “I love you” as a tool to amass armies and kingdoms. 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