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Serve and Protect: CFD Cyle Hill

Nick Wilson | [email protected]

Firefighter, husband and first-time father, Cyle Hill of the Crawfordsville Fire Department knows a thing or two about the demands of life.

Balancing his life around his wife, newborn son, job, and work as a powerlifter, the paramedic and firefighter uses all of his training to respond to emergencies.

This Kalamazoo native who moved to Clayton as a child (and now lives in Roachdale) has made Crawfordsville and Montgomery County his adopted home, starting CFD in 2015 under the then-captain, Scott Busenbark.

Through his time with the department, Hill came to love the job and the area, he said.

“I think it’s important that the majority of us care about the city and the people. I get a lot of satisfaction from that – just knowing people feel safer with us,” Hill said. “They know when they call the fire department things will get better.”

Hill graduated from Cascade High School in 2011 before attending Ivy Tech to study public safety and fire science. He worked for the Greenwood Fire Department for nearly a year before responding to a call from Battalion Chief Nate Patton in 2015.

“I got to see a lot of the older guys in those days – the way they operated, the way the firefighters preached about safety and good customer service – so very early on at CFD I could see the importance training,” Hill said. “Busenbark was very good at helping me settle into the station and helping me understand what my roles were as a trainee firefighter.”

Hill has a good list of additional certifications and training besides his degree, but he’s particularly proud of his paramedic license, he said.

Working shifts around the clock, Hill’s work in the emergency medical field has paid off time and time again.

“The paramedical part was probably the most difficult to obtain. The course ended up being just over a year of work with hours of clinical work and hours of classroom instruction. And being here left very little time to be home. But I’ve been a paramedic for about four years now and I love it,” he said. “That’s the best part of this job: helping people. »

When he’s not on the clock, Hill spends his free time lifting weights with co-workers and his wife, who regularly competes with him on powerlifting invites throughout the Midwest.

In fact, the power couple is so driven that she’s continued to compete alongside him during her pregnancy – with her doctor’s blessing.

“We travel to Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, all for competitions. It’s a lot of fun,” Hill said. “She got permission from her OB to compete one more time, and she did incredibly well. But her doctor said, ‘After 15 weeks, please stop.’

Family is of utmost importance to Hill, taking much from his grandfather who served as a firefighter in Goshen from 1950 to 1970.

“I always listened to what he was doing. I was young. It piqued my curiosity and I never let go,” he said.

And now he experiences the full circle effect.

“Right now, I’m really enjoying spending all my time with my son,” he said.