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Ringwood Waldorf School teacher and student release new book

A RINGWOOD teacher has teamed up with a student to publish a new book.

Pankaj Sulodia, who works at Ringwood Waldorf School, celebrates the release of Modjadji The Rain Queen from South Africa.

However, he admits that he never intended to write a book but came across the legend of The Rain Queen while discussing with his class.

Pankaj, who has taught at the school for eight years, says it was “fantastic” to have the book published and that the children and parents at the school enjoyed it.

The book is based on an old African legend and is the story of two parents and their daughter Modjadji, who has magical powers. She uses these powers to produce rain and bring health and happiness to the drought-stricken part of the country.

“I wrote it for them to tell them the story. When it went really well, I thought I’d write it right. Everything developed from there,” says Pankaj.

He was encouraged by a South African colleague to turn the story into a book.

While researching the legend online, he says, he came across many varieties.

The book is her retelling of the legend of the Rain Queen.

“I really like the story and I didn’t want to let it go,” he added.

We were given a project at school with the children able to learn more about the process of turning a story into a published book.

Pankaj approached one of his former students, Octavia Spinney, who is in class 11, to do Modjadji’s illustrations.

As an aspiring artist, Pankaj says, the book was a way for Octavia to show off her artistic talents and gain valuable experience doing illustrations for publication.

The book is available to order online on Amazon.

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