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For the editor:

Sometimes when a new treatment for a physical problem is being tested, a request is made for those who might want to be part of a study. It is considered unethical to do so without permission because the full consequences for a person’s health are not known. The need for permission would be especially true if this were a study involving children.

You would think that getting permission should definitely be mandatory if the study involves the minds and mindsets of our children – their psychological and emotional sanity. There is a psychological experiment being piloted in our schools today, and children are being used in this study across our country and in our own community without parental permission.

Seven states have banned critical race theory in schools, but that hasn’t stopped the process of indoctrination. A secret interview showed that teachers in Idaho are still using the ideas behind the CRT ideology. They do this by switching brands and being able to adapt. They say it’s no problem to circumvent the laws and the wishes of the parents.

Since some parents realized the dangers of CRT, teachers in Idaho say it was easy to slip it into social-emotional learning (SEL). Now that parents understand this brand change, teachers say it’s still not a problem; it can be called sanity. Oh, and then there’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), yet another way of indoctrinating children into CRT that seems innocuous at first glance.

It is not ascribing false motives without evidence. The teachers themselves have said that this is how it is possible to transmit their belief system to the children. The teachers’ union, the Department of Education and other educational organizations are complicit in Minnesota.

Does it have something to do with New Ulm ISD88? This is the case if the suggested brand change is here. Last September, the dangers of CRT were reported to the school board and then reported in our newspaper. The chairman of the board quickly reacted by assuring us that there are no CRTs in our schools. They also said they weren’t focusing on fairness. A wall display that showed otherwise has been removed.

Consider a headline in the New Ulm Journal for April 17: “Mental health is considered a key need in schools in New Ulm.” A quote from the article: “Since the summer, council and district principles have worked with Longview Education to provide equity training…counseling and mental health have moved to the top of the priority list.”

Since the St. Peter incident, the school board feels it can go full steam ahead and implement CRT/SEL/mental health/equity without parental approval. But wait ! This experiment involves children whose parents have not given their permission.

Mary Thom

New Ulm

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