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Denounce reprehensible bullying

Let me first state in all honesty and transparency that I have known Amy DeGise since birth and have been a friend of her family for more years than I can remember. That being sad, I cannot sit idly by while she is brutalized.

I’m not trying to defend Amy in some of her decision-making. I certainly wish she had acted differently; but that said, I’m not going to abandon her and let her be thrown to the wolves. Let us not forget that Amy, over her brief career, has proven herself to be a caring, efficient and conscientious public servant. Who among us has not done something to regret? “People who do very good things have flaws.” Not my words, but those of our 44th President, Barack Obama.

In view of the current controversy, I do not question the people reprimanding Amy, whether for political or governmental reasons. It is their right and their prerogative. What I question is the motivation for the attacks and the inability of those leading the attacks to stand up and speak out when egregious behavior occurs. Amy is being bullied, threatened and harassed online. In fact, death threats have been made and are being investigated by the police. Yet those who started the fire stand idly by and have taken a vow of silence, refusing to call out any misconduct. I don’t know if the silence is out of fear or because it serves the political purpose of the attack dog leaders.

I ask you, does The Jersey Journal aspire to be a newspaper or just a part of the tabloid press that delights in sensationalism? I ask those who, for their own political reasons, sit idly by as the disgusting behavior continues, is it just the Republicans in Washington who lack the courage to speak our or does this extend to the Democrats Hudson County progressives?

Donato Battista, Jersey City

JJ speaks truth to power

The Jersey Journal deserves a lot of credit for exposing the many traffic violations, housing issues and other examples of a powerful politician’s spoiled daughter. That’s why we have a free press in the United States – to report the truth, no matter what politician or other powerful individual or group doesn’t like it.

Amy DeGise is the spoiled child of a powerful politician and she has a long list of minor violations, lives in subsidized housing despite her income and a horrific hit-and-run accident which the Journal diligently reported. The assumption for people running for office is that they will obey the laws they help create. She clearly didn’t and she deserves a lot of the criticism she received.

Another child of a powerful politician, Rob Menendez Jr., recently won the Democratic primary after political leaders aligned with his father, Sen. Robert Menendez, held off any potential opponents. Rob may be great, but he has no track record and the only reason he raced and won was because of the power of his highly influential father.

As a citizen interested in finding the best candidate to vote for, it is difficult to find an effective candidate without clientelism. Thanks to the Jersey Journal for exposing Amy DeGise’s blatant disregard for the law (lots of laws) and continuing the traditions of a free press.

William W. Owens, Jersey City

It’s a Dem machine lock

Since voters are unlikely to ever vote against the Hudson County Democratic machine, the only way for a lifetime office holder to lose office is to be effectively incarcerated…or resign.

Hence Tom DeGise’s efforts to surround the cars, ask for favors and prevent his daughter from leaving office. A whole family heirloom.

Welcome to corrupt New Jersey.

Doug Rubin, Princeton

Dangers of one-party rule

Gary Spingarn’s column about his fellow Hudson County Democratic officials (“Hudson’s Democrats’ Recent Record Is Shameful,” August 9) is an accurate critique of the powers that be and a cautionary tale of arrogance, the irresponsibility and abuses that flow from one-party rule. At the rogues gallery of the aptly named Vainieri, Stack and Amy DeGise (who, another article in the same edition shows, raises the staggering sum of almost $200,000 a year as a member of Jersey City Council for the freshman and as a “learning coordinator” – whatever that entails – at a county school while appearing to be a habitual motor vehicle cheat) could be added the following traveling companions:

Fulop, Fife and Santos (selling their municipalities to developers, making them unaffordable and unrecognizable to long-term residents); Davis (idem, plus shenanigans involving Marist school property and selective memory regarding his campaign donors); Cunningham (as DeGise, a multiple motor vehicle offender with the added distinction of two DWI charges (one of which was thrown out for lack of evidence) and an apparent attempt to use her influence to get out of the latter); DeGise’s father, Tom, (like Vainieri, involved in the ICE debacle, and chilled the First Amendment rights of peaceful picketers opposed to his position while using taxpayer-funded law enforcement as a kind of personal daycare); and, of course, Sacco (holding public jobs and multiple public offices at the same time, and abusing a public park to house classroom trailers for the past 21 years).

It is a sordid and disgusting model more characteristic of a criminal organization than a legitimate political party. Yet this group (and others like them) keep getting re-elected. For me, this list alone delegitimizes the Democratic Party, but apparently I am in the minority. God forbids an evil, wicked Republican, or unknown Independent to be elected to any office in Hudson County. Who knows what damage they might do!

John Woodmaska, Kearny

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