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Paper Top Printouts Launches New Color Theory Art Course

The Paper Top Printouts team has announced the official launch of their Color Theory Art Course. A kit that includes tops to create and decorate as well as a complete color theory lesson.

Perfect for parents and teachers to share with young children – multi-dimensional learning! Hands-on creativity that simultaneously teaches color theory!

The brothers behind Paper Top Printouts wanted to create an art program that was easy to access, educational and very fun for everyone. Their common passion is kinetic art, or art that combines physical movement. Together they developed a program that teaches color theory using paper tops.

Paper Top Printouts plays on fundamental shading techniques such as primarily lines and solids – in a fun new way. Their tops teach a multitude of skills, such as coloring, color theory, pattern building, and mindfulness.

Currently, customers can purchase and download the Paper Top Printouts lesson pack, which includes reference pages, lessons, the double-sided standing wheel, bonus pages, and optional posters. All of these can be downloaded and then combined with markers or crayons for the full experience.

“The idea of ​​teaching color theory by coloring paper tops is as unique a concept as the top designs themselves,” said Matthew of Paper Top Printouts.

The course quickly became known as the “Tops that Teach” art program. Their customer support team works to help create the best possible experiences, and

via the Paper Top Printouts YouTube channel, they provide step-by-step instructions. See Paper Top Printouts in action here:

The Paper Top Printouts course is available now and can be accessed with a simple quick download. Full details can be found at

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Paper prints are spinning tops that fuse kinetic fun and art.