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Out of Town Spotlight: CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA

EDC Contact Name
Shani Coleman, Director, Clark County Community and Economic Development Office
(702) 455-6489
[email protected]

2.3 million

Clark County, Nevada

KEY COMPANIES headquartered in your city
Switch, Halo, MGM Resorts International, Premier screens

Which industries are showing the most interest in your region today? (current and/or potential tenants)
While recreation and hospitality remain the primary drivers of Clark County’s economy, the rapid growth of new emerging industries is diversifying our economy and creating new growth opportunities for the region. We are seeing strong growth in sectors such as technology, advanced manufacturing, health and life sciences, and hospitality innovation.
For example, Clark County’s software publishing and data processing industries saw employment increases of 176% and 292% between 2010 and 2019, respectively.

What types of opportunities exist for businesses looking to relocate or expand in Clark County (by type of use)?
Our proximity to California and West Coast markets, zero inventory tax and free zones create a significant advantage for advanced assembly and manufacturing companies, as well as other industries. With a robust road transportation network, Southern Nevada provides reliable, low-cost access to higher-cost neighboring markets.

How is technology shaping growth in Southern Nevada?
Clark County is home to many exciting technological developments and a growing concentration of technology companies. For example, the largest data center ecosystem operates in Clark County at the Switch Las Vegas Core Campus, powered entirely by renewable energy. The region is also home to the largest private municipal LTE and 5G-enabled network in the United States. Additionally, the Harry Reid Research and Technology Park at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas will be a fully planned 122-acre business, research and technology community. Clark County is also preparing high-speed infrastructure to maximize the use of supercomputers for our most forward-thinking businesses.

How is your region addressing workforce challenges?
Clark County is tackling the tight job market by bolstering the local talent pool of higher education institutions in the region – including the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Nevada State College and the College of Southern Nevada – to support traditional industries in the region as well as new, fast-growing sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing. We also offer employers access to a range of customizable, state-run workforce training and development programs to provide workers with the skills and training they need to meet the needs of new and growing industries.