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OTK announces investment in Notorious Studios

Passion and history unite as legendary game developers and an influencer organization team up

AUSTIN, Texas – June 8, 2022 – (

The passion is the game, and the newly inked partnership between OTK and Notorious Studios is a reflection of both organizations’ zeal and love for gaming – especially MMOs, RPGs, and expansive, imaginatively populated worlds. While it’s certainly unexpected for OTK to invest in a game studio, Notorious’ new relationship with OTK is most notable for how naturally it fits together.

Both organizations have known each other’s work for years; Notorious was founded by former World of Warcraft developers, while several OTK influencers have cut their teeth in content creation wow and other Blizzard titles. Additionally, the studio was named after co-founders Chris Kaleiki and Douglas Frazer. wow guild, an unmistakable parallel to the origins of friends of OTK, the game’s premier influencer collective. So when Chris Kaleiki reached out to OTK COO Tipsout in 2021, a deeper partnership seemed inevitable.

For Notorious, the ability to partner directly with gaming influencers has tremendous benefits, especially in today’s hyper-competitive gaming landscape. Said Notorious’ Chris Kaleiki, “Founders often ask me how best to validate a game idea, and honestly, I think bouncing that idea off to influencers in your given demographic is the best test of your thesis at this point. And that’s what made Notorious connect with OTK in the beginning.

For OTK, this move represents a paradigm shift in the previously tenuous relationship between game developers and content creators. “The reunion of OTK and Notorious represents what we believe is the future of game development and publishing,” said Tipsout. “Never before has a group of influencers of our size partnered with a game studio of the caliber of Notorious. We believe this partnership will change indie game development forever.

Asmongold, OTK’s biggest content creator, also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership; “We’ve been talking about developing games for a long time, so the idea of ​​partnering with a team that aligns so closely with how we see the game was a no-brainer.”

Notorious Studios is set to present a “preview” of Project Honor at the OTK Games Expo on June 8.


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Notorious Studios was founded in 2021 by gaming industry veterans Chris Kaleiki and Douglas Frazer with a mission to unite gamers in deep worlds. Based in Irvine, California, Notorious is committed to a work environment based on mutual respect, creative freedom and autonomy. For more information, please visit

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OTK announces investment in Notorious Studios