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Op-Ed: the Facebook page has disappeared? There is a simple solution

People accessing Facebook on smartphones will soon start landing on a “Home” page featuring AI-recommended content and a tab leading exclusively to friends’ posts. – Copyright AFP Genya SAVILOV

The news that Facebook is building a customer service group is long overdue. I just had an experience that I could have done without. This happens to be directly related to an experience I had this morning…

(Scroll down to “The Fix” paragraph if you’re in a hurry.)

Well, it was a bright and joyful morning and my personal Facebook page was of course gone. Facebook informed me that they have updated another page. I had no visible access to my personal page. I couldn’t even search on my own page.

I was halfway through my first cup of coffee. A 15-year-old page had disappeared. I now had a “new” page, also without any original content. I lost track of all my contacts, newsfeed, etc. with this new page, which of course had none set up.

I assumed, wrongly, that was all that was left of my FB account. I was in a very unfamiliar setting. What happiness. Tried help and support; nothing. I tried to “contact Facebook”; nothing immediate. I tried searching a How To Contact Facebook search, got some pretty dismal reviews of the process and nothing helpful.

In the meantime, I contact people to say that I lost the page. It’s all so exciting. Exactly what you need first thing in the morning.

The Fix

Simply log out and log back in with the correct account password.

Nothing to lose, of course.


It really was that simple.

This is literally a “turn it off and turn it back on” fix.

It is not an intuitive solution. Anyone in IT would immediately think of that. Not everyone works in IT. In hindsight, this also makes perfect sense. Unless your FB account is unusable, this should work. Login is account specific, so that’s where you’ll go when you log in.

Forgot your password?

I hadn’t needed to log into FB in years. I had to go get the password. This is probably a problem for many people, although “forgot password” usually solves it.

Ahh Facebook…Why is it a problem ?

Obviously, from what I’ve seen in many miserable reviews online, it’s also not a solution that affects many people, hence this article. People were complaining about losing their FB pages and lack of support for a good reason.

The help system is clearly not working well, if at all. It’s too complex. There are many help issues that are not relevant to specific cases. It’s a maze. There is also no one to talk to. All you have to do is add a “How to access your FB page” line or more to the support pages.

This very simple solution should be Facebook folklore by now. It must also be clearly visible. Users do not “instinctively” know the access logic. They naturally think the problem is systemic. Facebook deleted their page for some reason, etc.

This is anything but transparent and stressed users may not think straight.

They shouldn’t have to think about it at all. Everyone has to deal with several access issues all the time. Access to accounts should be easy and instantaneous.

I’m surprised, though. With all the recent largely negative publicity for Facebook and the perception of hostility and arbitrary decisions against users, it’s a really ugly look. My suggestion is that Facebook reconnect with users. It must be a friendly environment. The perception of an evasive support hardly helps the image.

Anyway, hope this helps anyone who is having trouble with their Facebook pages. I am now on my third cup of coffee and can get nostalgic. Believe me when I say I could have done without this experience.


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