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Monte Vista Newspaper | 18 graduates of Lycée Del Norte receive diplomas

DEL NORTE — The Upper Rio Grande School District gymnasium was filled with more than 300 cheering people as 18 seniors from Del Norte High School marched with “Pomp and Circumstance” on Friday, May 27.

To kick off the graduation, valedictorian Hannah Trujillo took to the podium and addressed the audience.

“Who are we as a class? Well, we’ve been described as funny or pranksters, but mostly we’ve been described as close,” Trujillo said. “It’s been us for years now. People left and people came, and it all led to the 18 of you who are still here.

Trujillo went on to describe a few amusing instances where the class played jokes on each other and then said.

“I better stop now; they can always change my grades and take my degree back,” she said. “Honestly, I think the hardest part of this whole process is not seeing you every day. I hope most of us will keep in touch.

She added: “It’s okay, it’s time to move on to a new chapter and make new memories, because time is ticking and the clock is not stopping. Although we grew together and helped each other become who we are, it’s time to learn from our experiences and use the results for the real world.

She ended by saying, “Thank you to all of our teachers, parents, and other faculty members, for teaching us how to be functional adults. I know that we will succeed in life because of you.

Salutatorian Malachi Gallegos took to the podium and addressed the audience.

“I would like to start. thanking all the teachers, administrators and school workers who have guided and welcomed us,” said Gallegos. “You will all leave a mark in our lives. Although you were tough on us, you were also able to make us smile and help us have fun no matter how hard our day was. You made learning fun, whether it was a life lesson, learning a new business skill, or some basic knowledge, you used phrases or actions to help us learn information on which we would be tested.

Gallegos went on to thank various staff and workers at the school, noting that while students don’t say it all the time, they all appreciate it every day.

Gallegos ended his speech by saying, “Once again thank you all for being here and showing us your love, today is a great day for many of us and everyone here is helping to make this day a special one. bit more special. I have one last quote from J. Cole, “Life is a movie, choose your own role, climb your own ladder or dig your own hole”.

Gallegos then announced that Darren Mondragon would take the stage to greet their teachers. Mondragon stepped onto the podium and said with a voice full of emotion.

“Teachers are a gift from God to students; students are God’s gifts to teachers. Teachers and students are God’s gift to humanity and civilization. Without teachers and students, there will be no progress, no future to dream of,” Mondragon said. “Our teachers play many roles in our lives as students, they are our mentors, friends, advisers and coaches. They taught us respect, leadership, and most importantly, how to be successful in our adult lives. We owe a great deal of gratitude to our teachers. Finally, I would like to end by saying, to the class of 2022, we greatly appreciate your helping us to become successful adults, in the real world, in our new chapters of life. At Ma Bell, I will always be your little baby. Again, if it weren’t for everyone here, I don’t know where we would be. Thank you all.”

Class President Kelsie Dahle also spoke at the ceremony.

“Today is a big day for all of us, I know I can’t believe this is real either,” Dahle said. “At the start of this long four-year journey, we all walked through the doors of high school, with no idea how we would get out of them. I’m sure we all had expectations of how we would progress. during these four years.

Dahle went on to say that she appreciates the teachers at the school and said teachers are all one of the greatest blessings a child can receive.

“A lot of us sitting here today know exactly what we’d like to do after graduation, like going to college, or going into the workforce, or going into the military,” Dahle said. “Some of us don’t know that, and it’s OK to have the rest of our lives to decide what we want to do with it.

She ended by saying, “So Class of 2022, as I leave here today, I leave with a little piece of each of you.”

A slide show with all the graduates was then shown. A delivery of flowers to all the families of the graduates was organized just after the slide show, by the students. The students hugged their family members as they handed out flowers to those attending the graduation.

Two “Pass it Forward Grants” were awarded. The grants were for Adams State University and each amounted to $1,000. They were awarded to Jazmariah Miranda and Brennan Velasquez.

Dusty Little presented the Del Norte Masonic Lodge Scholarships in Trujillo, one for $500 and one for $7,000.

Two Colorado River Watch scholarships of $1,000 each were also awarded to Dante LeBlanc and Garrett Mondragon.

The San Luis Valley Community Foundation also awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Jazmariah Miranda.

The Outcalt Foundation awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Megan Small.

The graduation ceremony followed the awarding of scholarships. One by one, graduates were called in alphabetical order to receive their diplomas. Class President Dahle then addressed the class for the change of acorns.

“Class of 2022, you have graduated from the Board of Education. I am pleased to ask you to change your pom poms,” she said.

Dahle then joined her class and the graduates threw their hats in the air, concluding the ceremony.

Photos by Marie McColm The Upper Rio Grande School District gymnasium was packed with people for the dedication ceremony for Del Norte High School on Friday, May 27.