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‘Monarch’ Boss on Dottie’s Future, That Flashforward Mystery and More |

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Monarch series premiere “Stop at Nothing.”]

Did Monarch just killed Susan Sarandon in the first episode? !

Well, here’s what we know. Dottie de Sarandon has cancer and decides she wants to die “on her own terms”, turning to her daughter Nicky (Anna Friel) to help her here. Nicky does, reluctantly. When her sister Gigi (Beth Ditto) arrives at the end, Nicky says Dottie is gone. Meanwhile, three months later, someone is definitely dead and Albie (Trace Adkins) buries a body.

So what’s next after this dramatic premiere? TV Insider turned to showrunner Jon Feldman to find out.

Why kill Dottie in the premiere?

Jon Feldman: You’ll have to tune in to future episodes to see what happened to him. Everything will be revealed soon enough, but I will say that Susan is going to appear in several episodes during the first season and Dottie monitors everything that affects and threatens the Romans.

Although Nicky hesitates, she helps Dottie as her mother asked. Why?

Nicky is and was raised to be the devoted girl. She is her mother’s daughter, and in many ways she has put her own career behind her mother. She also subsumed large parts of herself to attribute to the way Dottie views the world. And I think she loves her mother and, like I said, she was raised to do what her mother told her. And so she’s trying to be a good girl by potentially helping her mother end her life.


What will this do to Nicky in the future? Dottie told him not to tell anyone.

Nicky is going to have quite a few secrets to juggle and what’s going to happen on our show is that the two timelines are going to converge and the Romans – Nicky, Albie, Gigi, Luke [Joshua Sasse]but really Nick and Albie mostly among them – find themselves grappling with all the secrets and all the crimes and compromises they’ve been involved in over the years.

How is Albie going to handle Dottie’s death, given that last conversation they had?

I can’t confirm that she’s dead, but I will say there’s a line Albie utters later in the season: He says “Lies are the true Roman heritage.” And all the characters will have to face lies. They’ll kind of come home to roost in the first season. And these are no ordinary lies. These are lies involving murder, crime, blackmail, liaisons, cover-ups and deaths. And Albie is going to have to deal with everyone.

Susan Sarandon and Trace Adkins in Monarch


Speaking of secrets, Dottie says “I’ve done things that can never be forgiven.” What can you say specifically about it and how it affects his family?

It’s another mystery that we’re going to unravel and unravel over the course of the season. If you remember, there was [some] memories Dottie had of the fire, memories of her at an earlier point in her life, and which will, like the fire, grow over the season, until her family is forced to fight these things that can never be forgiven, things that Dottie has done.

What will we see regarding Dottie’s relationship with her children after the premiere? People can remember someone or certain things differently after a big event…

One of the things about aging is starting to see your parents not just as those infallible entities, but as actual human beings. I think one of the things that kids are going to struggle with is figuring out who was their mother to them and who was their mother to the world and really asking the question, can you be a superstar and also a good mother at the same time ? Because many of the qualities that make people stars don’t make them good mothers. All of the children have their own separate relationship with Dottie.

Beth Ditto and Anna Friel in Monarch


Nicky was kind of thrown there when it came to Gigi — first when her sister joined her on stage, then when she revealed she’d never done this for her before. What does this do to their relationship going forward, especially as people take notice of Gigi’s star power?

This sister relationship is really going to be one of the most important that we’re going to chart in the first season and it’s really going to put them to the test. Can they remain best friends and loving sisters in the face of what will be a competition for the spotlight that may have been left open by their mother? It’s an incredibly strained relationship between two women who, despite wanting to deny they’re competing with each other, will soon find themselves competing with each other.

And they don’t know it yet, but they will both face infidelity in their marriage. Nicky knows, Gigi doesn’t.

Yes, and infidelity and affairs and the impact that secrets like this will have will impact each of them in surprising ways in the future.

Meagan Holder in Monarch


This love triangle now set in motion with Gigi, his wife (Meagan Holder) and her brother – what can you say how dramatic this will become?

The love triangle between Gigi and Luke and Kayla will really unfold and explode over the course of the season. Kayla is torn. She loves Gigi, but she also has a deep emotional connection to her brother. And we’ve really tried to humanize that, but at the same time, we’re really leaning into all the stakes of what’s going to happen because the Romans learn, you can’t keep secrets covered up forever, that it’s whether it’s bodies or whether it’s business or whether it’s crimes you’ve committed in the past. Everything will eventually come to light.

It seems that Luke is also the one who is not doing as well as his sisters. And so having another aspect of your life that’s not going your way can’t be good.

A really interesting relationship I think in the show is between Luke and his father, and we see glimpses of that in the pilot. We see Luke and Albie bumping heads. We see Luke looking for his mother to figure out why his father doesn’t like him. And it’s a relationship that in Episode 2 and beyond is really going to get explosive. And let’s just say, to say the least, that punches will be thrown between these two men in the future.

I’m not surprised. Albie punched the prime minister. And then also, that line about most CEOs not being handpicked by their mothers is almost worse…

Those blows will come soon enough. And this father-son conflict, which is loaded with both subtext and text explaining why these two men clash, will explode into violence on more than one occasion.

Speaking of violence, the mystery set up in the flash forward, what can you say about it?

This is a very important part of our upcoming show. Besides being this larger than life country music drama, we have an ongoing murder mystery and our two timelines will continue for the first handful of episodes until they converge towards the end of the episode 6, when we finally start to address the issue. of who died and what the circumstances surrounding that death are and all of that will play out in future episodes of our season.

MonarchFirst period, Tuesday, September 20, 9/8c, Fox

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