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Microsoft’s Journal app has a new name and look for Windows 11

The Journal app left Microsoft Garage and is officially a supported Microsoft app. In addition to its status change, the app has a new name and a refreshed look. Now known as Microsoft Journal, the note-taking app has a clear roadmap and will continue to be developed. Microsoft’s Renee Malone broke the news.

Microsoft Journal has a page-based canvas for note taking. It uses artificial intelligence to identify gestures and other inputs, such as underlining content to turn text into a title. Notably, the AI ​​runs on the device rather than having to go through the cloud.

Along with its new name, Microsoft Journal has a revamped look that aligns with Windows 11. The new version of the app will roll out gradually between April 5 and April 8, 2022.

The Microsoft Garage allows developers to come up with concepts for apps. Projects can be refined and developed in the workshop based on user feedback, often providing user insights. Some projects are withdrawn. Others, like Journal, are moving to full-fledged Microsoft apps.

Malone notes some of the lessons learned during Journal’s incubation period in Microsoft Garage. The app lets users switch between inking and content selection, but Journal developers weren’t sure which form of interaction people would prefer to switch between modes. The team found that using a tap, lasso, smart ink mark, and barrel button on a pen proved popular. This idea helped shape Microsoft Journal.

It was also discovered that many people like to use the app to mark up documents. More than half of all pages created in Journal were imported from PDF files.

Microsoft Journal is available for free through the Microsoft Store and works on both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Microsoft Journal

Microsoft Journal is a note-taking app that focuses on the inking experience. It uses artificial intelligence and connects to Microsoft 365.

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