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Lewiston schools aim for around $1 tax impact

LEWISTON — The estimated fiscal impact of the proposed school budget is just under $1, Superintendent Jake Langlais told the school board Wednesday.

At $11.72 per $1,000 of assessed value, Lewiston residents would pay a school tax rate about $0.99 more than last year, if approved in its current form.

The school board could still tweak the proposed spending plan before voting to approve it at its Monday meeting, but Langlais said it aims to stick to a $1 tax impact.

“That dollar range, I think, is something that people feel with a valuation (property) coming up and not knowing what’s in the future, it’s a number that people are willing to talk about. “, explained Langlais, citing a communication with Lewiston taxpayers. and discussions within the finance committee.

Since its initial proposal several weeks ago, Langlais and the school board have cut $2.7 million from the budget. The proposed spending plan is now approximately $98.7 million.

Much of this savings was created by cutting 36 mostly vacant positions within the school. No staff will lose their jobs due to the cuts, Langlais said.

As of last week, the finance subcommittee identified a home and school liaison officer and a health-related education technician, who they believe can be cut.

Langlais said school administrators also believe they can identify a teaching position to cut.

“This teaching position is not something that sits vacant, it’s something that we are exploring so we can do without if we have to,” Langlais said. He did not indicate which school administrators were considering removing a teacher.

“I really think it’s a responsible budget that allows us to continue to do good things, but again it’s been cut by $3 million,” Langlais said. “That’s a substantial number…I don’t know what organization is creating 36 positions while maintaining a dynamic approach.”

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