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Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Road Builders

If you haven’t followed the Opinion page over the years, I’ll tell you about some of the things I’ve written about. One is to thank the people who are my idea of ​​unsung heroes – those who have jobs most of us wouldn’t want.

Like those faithful who pick up our waste, better known as garbage collectors. Do we stop or even think about thanking them? Probably not.

Or maybe even our electrical workers, who have the dangerous job of restoring our power after a storm. Or maybe those people who seem to come out of nowhere when there have been disasters like the many tornadoes we’ve experienced recently. I know most people don’t expect our thanks, but don’t you think we owe them anyway?

We now come to the main reason for my letter. It’s something that has affected all of us, but also something that we’ve probably never given much thought to. I’m talking about the paving or surfacing of our highways.

You know what happens during repaving. The workers stop your vehicle and make your lane wait for what seems like forever.

My main focus here is the plight of the road worker – the one who stands there in that scorching sun all day, or the one who drives that big machine that lays asphalt, or those who spread it, and even those who stop our vehicles.

Does anyone ever stop to thank them or even acknowledge them? Again, probably not. I know these men are paid; I just hope they get paid really well.

Most of us never think of something like that, but how many of you with nice big air-conditioned offices would like to trade places with the men who work our roads and build our highways? Probably not a lot.

It would take a lot to inspire me to wake up every day and go to work on our roads and highways. But they do it every day.

I hope they find contentment and fulfillment in their work, because they deserve it, and they deserve a whole lot of thanks from all of us.

—Debbie Touchstone, Jayess