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Letter to the Editor: Our moral and political jaundice

That day I watched these little children as they exited the #27 school bus on University Avenue in Laurel. These children were of all races, sizes and shapes, but with one thing in common.

Most of them were laughing, holding hands and just having fun – as life should be. I thought, what kind of environment do these kids go back to and where do they come from?

Given today’s toxic climate in America, their future may be bleak. This gloom could be kicked out of institutions in the home, the print media, the justice system, the school, the church, and certainly politics.

We are witnessing in some cases parents who are not parents and some politicians and others who are masters of deception and dangerous rhetoric. Whether printed or verbalized, I question not just the egos of some of these politicians, but their sheer sanity.

There are those who reject the tenets of critical race theory. I think their greatest fear is that the time will come when their children or their grandchildren’s children will ask questions and then demand truthful answers.

The color blindness of the truth will eventually come to light, hopefully sooner rather than later. The unbridled tongue and the improvised pen can cast this black shadow on the future of our children.

Our son-in-law’s father transitioned due to cancer. This spiritually healthy and good man just before his transition left these words to his son.

He said, “Take care of those little boys. We (my wife and I) took on this challenge to help raise these little boys now, to be men, not puppets.

In this turbulent time, there is this moral imperative for the adults in the room. I ask, do we become active participants for the truth or inactive participants in correcting this shame unfolding before us, a civilized society?

America, we must remove this moral and political jaundice not only from our eyes, but especially from our hearts. We cannot continue, nor afford to take this calculated risk that is destroying our children and their future. They are watching, as is “The Master”.

– Johnny F. Harper, Laurel