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Kirk Hammett Soundtracks Mysterious Journal Entries

Horror superfan Kirk Hammett loves a good scare – and now he’s giving fans one with a mysterious new post on his TikTok and Twitter accounts that combine acoustic music with a good old-fashioned horror story.

Shared today, September 10, the Metaliica guitarist offers a bluesy soundtrack accompanied by a vague video of a person navigating a tree-lined road. In the caption, Hammett adds “Read part one now” and links to his Reddit page with a long journal entry that tells a pretty twisted story.

Titled ” I HAVE TO GET RID OF THIS GUITAR I FOUND [PART ONE]”, there’s an intro that explains a bit more about what’s going on. A woman named Abigail Forte is apparently looking for her brother William “Wills” Forte; she discovered a diary he wrote and a tape of field recordings he had that have an eerie feel to them, Abigail was connected to Hammett through a friend to try to unravel the meaning and, thus, this story-soundtrack was born.

As Abigail explains in the intro, “We’ve decided that while we can’t release the actual sounds from the tape, we can share the interpretations of the music. Kirk Hammett has agreed to quickly transpose the parts less complex parts of the tape while keeping the integrity of the original field recordings intact.These can be played or looped alongside the playback of each part, to create the appropriate mood for these journal entries.

She adds: “We still advise you to take precautions before listening to the recordings (such as burning sage, reciting prayers, drawing protective seals). What you’ll hear are phrases and patterns inspired by the cursed melodies recorded on this mysterious tape. “

The following Will’s diary entry tells a steamy story of his time on the road as a musician with some absolutely prickly twists.

Of course, like any good horror story, the reader wonders: is this real? It is difficult to assess whether there is a real Wills or Abigail behind this story. A Google search only seems to reveal information about saturday night live alum Will Forte while there are even fewer traces of Abigail Forte except for a few low-key social media accounts that don’t seem to match.

It could be that Hammett wrote the whole thing himself as an interesting new concept project. In 2012 he wrote the book “Too Much Horror Business” covering his extensive collection of macabre which includes toys, props, movie posters and more spanning the range of horror classics. So maybe he feels like writing his own scary saga now. (And if so, we hope it continues because the writing is really good.)

Over the summer, Hammett served on a panel for Midsummer Scream, a Halloween and horror convention. He hosted a talk called “The Original Monsters,” featuring relatives of Boris Karloff (Frankenstein), Lon Chaney Jr. (The Wolf Man), Bela Lugosi (Count Dracula), and Vincent Price.

Hammett has also performed his personal horror collection at Metallica’s Orion Festivals and the guitarist’s own event, Fear FestEvil. And his latest work, his first solo EP Portals which came out in April is inspired by horror movies.

Like the guitarist said Gold mine“I thought, well, it would be great to incorporate different eras of horror movies into the music, and so ‘Maiden and the Monster’ is kind of my representation of those early 20s horror movies. and 30 I really tried to capture the atmosphere of these films, the gothic feel and the presence of something atmospheric and moody.

Hammett also exclusively said strong wire, he’s ready to start composing movies, he’s just waiting to get the call to do so. If Hollywood producers read “I HAVE TO GET RID OF THIS GUITAR I FOUND [PART ONE]and upon hearing Hammett’s soundtrack, his line is open.

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