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Journal of Dairy Science® Journal Impact Fact

Philadelphia, July 7, 2022 – According to new statistics published in Clarivate’s Journal Citation Reports™, the Journal Impact Factor for the Journal of Dairy Science (JDS) increased by 4.73% compared to last year. As a metric that quantifies the average number of citations over a specific time period, the Journal Impact Factor gives authors a tool to assess the quality of scientific journals. Thus, the increase in the JDS Journal Impact Factor from 4.034 to 4.225 is significant for the journal.

“The quality of research published in JDS has remained very high, although the journal continues to increase the number of articles published each year. We are very proud of our authors and the fact that they choose to publish with us when many choices are available,” said editor-in-chief Paul Kononoff, PhD, University of Nebraska. “Our reviewers and section editors have gone to great lengths to shape this content to ensure that JDS is an indispensable tool for all dairy scientists. It is gratifying that much of our content drives the growth, improvement and sustainability of global dairy industries.

A journal impact factor of 4.225 ranks JDS sixth out of 62 journals in the Agriculture, Dairy and Animal Sciences category, placing JDS in the top quartile. In 2021, the journal had 77,957 citations of content published in 2019 and 2020. The journal also received its highest five-year impact factor (4.987), indicating that JDS papers continue to be cited well beyond the immediate two-year period following publication. . In the Food Science and Technology category, JDS is ranked 48th out of 143 journals, in the second quartile.

The new rankings validate the journal’s claim as the world’s leading peer-reviewed general dairy research journal. Since 1997, JDS has been ranked in the top six by Journal Impact Factor in the Agriculture, Dairy, and Animal Science category, demonstrating the journal’s ongoing commitment to excellence in publishing peer-reviewed dairy science.

“We view the Impact Factor as validation of the contributions JDS makes to the global dairy science community,” Kononoff added, “and we are delighted that JDS continues to be the best resource for this material and we are committed to continue our growth and improvement of our publication.

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