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Jason Deane discusses the real concept of mining in Bitcoin

The Gold Rush Crypto Summit is pleased to welcome Jason Deane, a respected Bitcoin analyst and economist who specializes in the macro effects of Bitcoin adoption globally. Deane is also the author of the book “How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Mom”. And he enjoys Top Writer status on Medium in the Bitcoin and Economics categories.

Jason is a regular guest on CoinDesk TV, Bloomberg, and CGTV, and his commentary regularly appears in Newsweek, CNBC, Forbes, The Telegraph, and many other publications.

He is a veteran Bitcoin miner and an advocate for renewable energy in the mining industry.

Jason Deane shares some crypto tips with The Gold Rush Crypto Summit and amazing strategies on how to think about investing in cryptocurrencies as a beginner. Coming from the perspective of a bitcoin analyst, it clearly explains how bitcoin works from person to person.

“Bitcoin is completely decentralized and it’s completely a currency of the people for the people, and that’s a bit of a corny phrase. But it works, and it means that any of us can be involved in the network at any time. bitcoin, exploring it and supporting it,” Deane said.

Jason also discusses the clear concept of mining in the context of cryptocurrency.

“There are all these computers all over the world and they are all competing to try to unlock a block of information. And what they do is they send suggestions of what the key to that block might be and who keeps a string of letters and numbers. Basically, it’s a big, big guessing game, and whoever wins receives that block and is rewarded with new bitcoins, depending on how many bitcoins are issued,” Deane explained.

Join Jason Deane, learn more crypto tips and strategies, and get inspired by how he supports others with cryptocurrency.

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