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How Saudi Omar Abdelrhman Became the King of Arabic YouTube

The Saudi YouTube channel has amassed over half a billion streams. Over the past 10 years, Saudi online personality Omar Abdelrhman has charmed the region with videos showcasing his fun, passion and entertainment. With 5 million subscribers, Omar is currently one of the leading YouTube channels in the Arab world.

This pioneering streak isn’t just told in viewership numbers.

“I sometimes get messages from people,” he says. The fact that my content makes people happier and smiles is really special to me.

Omar’s success is also the story of YouTube’s growing presence in both the kingdom and the region.

But this rise to the top of YouTube is not without its bumps.

“You learn that on YouTube the game is a bit long and you have to be consistent when it comes to delivering your content,” says Omar.

“While technically I don’t know how it all works, what I can say from my experience is that the hardest part is getting recognition from the platform. Once you hit a million subscribers, it’s relatively easier to get five million and it goes from there, the more subscribers you have, the more your content is featured on the platform and the more people watch it.

I can say that I am now privileged and endowed with an incredible lifestyle. I travel a lot and never had any of that growing up.



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