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Herald endorsing another liberal – The Journal

Congratulation to The Herald of Durango editorial board for their continued dedication to supporting liberals for Congress, adding none other than Don Coram to the list. It doesn’t matter that the Pulitzer Prize winner The Gazette in Colorado Springs called Coram corrupt, selfish, dishonest and leftist because they actually did their homework on his voting record. Never mind that Coram led the charge in the Senate to decriminalize possession of felony fentanyl, helping to fuel the deadly crisis Colorado is currently going through.

In place, the herald cares deeply that Coram can “scare” his way through a conversation and act like he wants to get along with everyone. The problem is that Coram gets along with everyone to get rich. This awful endorsement is just one more reason the Editorial Board will be surprised to hear when we voters make our voices heard: We want a candidate who will stand up for our rights, support law enforcement, and enough of these career politicians who want to line their pockets at our expense. Oh what a treat it will be to have U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert in the House for another two years, this time in the majority, because every day Americans give a quick kick to those like Coram who just don’t get it that we’ve had enough of their antics.

Dale Ruggles