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Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Fourth accuser reads diary entries from age 16


The fourth accuser to speak at Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial read diary entries from when she was 16.

Maxwell could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted on all charges of sex trafficking and perjury. She is accused of being a madam to her former partner Epstein, the sex offender and convicted pedophile who was found dead in his cell in 2019 after being arrested on federal charges of sex trafficking minors.

Ghislaine Maxwell is to be tried on November 29.  (Alamy)Alamy

Farmer recalls meeting Epstein at his New York home when he was 16. “It was a very big house. I was staying with my sister in her apartment…I was excited. He was again very friendly with me. He seemed down to earth… he seemed very sweet when I met him,’ she said, according to Law and Crime’s Adam Klasfeld.

Epstein then took her to see The Phantom of the Opera, she said, followed by a movie, where he “caressed” her hand and leg. ‘I had a stomach ache. It was not something I expected at all,” she told the court.

Reading a diary entry from January 25, 1996, she said, “A few little things about New York that I didn’t mention earlier… That was a little weird. One of those hard-to-explain things…then he kind of stroked, rubbed my arm, my shoe, and my foot.

She wrote that she didn’t want to talk about it with her sister because it would probably cause problems. “I was trying to come up with excuses or justifications to make it feel good,” Farmer said.

In separate testimony, Farmer discussed details of her first meeting with Maxwell in New Mexico, saying his presence actually made her feel comfortable given the previous incident at the cinema.

When they all went to see Primary fear together, she claimed, “[Epstein] immediately tried to hold my hand, stroke and hold my foot and arm,” while Maxwell “sat and held one of his feet” and asked her to massage the other.

“I just watched what she was doing and she gave me instructions…and so I did what she told me,” Farmer added. “I felt very uncomfortable. I wanted to quit and hoped it would be over quickly.

On another occasion, she claimed to have received a massage from Maxwell, during which the socialite allegedly “pulled down the sheet…exposed her breasts” and then touched them.