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Food Truck and Shared Services Highlight Clymer Initiatives | News, Sports, Jobs

CLYMER — Several initiatives, some ongoing and others in the planning stage, are being discussed at Clymer Central School.

These initiatives include a program presented by Mayville Jail officials to students in grades five through eight; a food truck program; a school resource officer; and shared services with Sherman and Panama.

Clymer Superintendent Beth Olson said the program presented at the prison followed a tour of the prison for students presented by a corrections officer.

“In addition to looking at bullying prevention strategies, (Correctional Officer Pete Dorman) also emphasized the importance of being nice and standing up to others,” says Olson.

The school’s food truck made its community debut at the Clymer Tulip Festival to positive reviews.

“We have already organized a few follow-up events, including a breakfast for senior graduates,” says Olson. “We will also be at the Methodist Church of Panama Vacation Bible School and will have dinner there twice next week. At the end of the month we will be at Panama Rocks and in early August we will be at Sherman Days.

Olson added that the students are ready to work at all of these events and that the school is working on the program for the 2022-23 school year.

There have been discussions about hiring a school resource officer, but no action has been taken by the school board, Olson said.

“There has been a discussion between the chairmen of the boards of Clymer, Sherman and Panama to see if there might be federal or state level funding to support this, but nothing is happening or not. is planned for the moment”, she says.

Sheriff’s deputies make regular visits to the school to establish a presence.

Along with this, there has also been collaboration between Clymer and Sherman in hopes of including Panama after a new superintendent was put in place for a few shared services.

“We still share athletics with the three schools,” says Olson. “We have a shared summer school with Sherman. For the fall, nothing has been completely locked down yet, but we are looking at sharing special education teachers and expecting to have a shared program director for fall 2022.”

Olson said the collaboration between the three schools is something she expects to continue.

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