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Fall Reset – Milwaukee Community Journal

Do you remember my article on preparing for spring a few months ago? We reviewed everything related to cleaning and decorating. I can’t start this story without mentioning my Uncle Jack, he came over and helped me do all my spring cleaning and remodeling and it took 3 days. He came over this weekend to help me clean up for my fall reset which this time only took a day. That’s because last spring we went above and beyond normal cleaning, so my house is always clean and organized. There was absolutely no way I could have made it without his help, so please clap my uncle Jack.

With the cleaning now complete, I’m going to start decorating this week. I’ve spent this whole month researching new parts for each room to give it a new look. I don’t follow fashion and decoration rules very much, so I decided to decorate with colors like butter yellow, gray and white for my bedroom, golden yellow for the bath and lemon yellow for the kitchen.

Here is a list of recommendations for completing your fall reset project. For the kitchen, I suggest replacing kitchen rugs, as they tend to get coarse from grease, stains, and foot traffic, and they’re not too expensive to replace. I also recommend cleaning and organizing your refrigerator. Buy a few clear containers to keep food fresh and it will also give your refrigerator a clean and attractive look.

In your bathroom buy all new towels as constant washing can damage them and if you use white towels like me they tend to pick up stains like hair dye bleach does will not remove. Old ones can become cleaning rags or goodwill donations. Bathroom rugs are another item that should be changed and can be purchased at a reasonable price, but if you use a similar color all the time, most rugs wash well so can be used all season long.

In the bedroom, I make sure to change my pillows at least twice a year and wash them, but after a few washes the pillow loses its height and fluffiness. Also buy new sheets, at least 2 new sets at a time, and throws, mattress toppers, and blankets.

The living room does not require much maintenance to keep up. Some basic pieces are a large rug in a neutral color, good drapery to block wind and unwanted light, baskets to store throws, pretty containers to hold glasses and remotes, and real houseplants.

Finally, add a few jars of candy, canned cookies, and tubs of caramel popcorn for family and guests to snack on. It will also add a special touch to your newly decorated home.

Good decoration!

Nicole GambleNikki