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eReflect to Launch Wordela: A Revolutionary New Vocabulary Learning Product

Wordela has proprietary technology designed to improve knowledge retention by up to 95%.

eReflect, a global leader in personal development and education technology, today announced the upcoming launch of Wordela, a revolutionary vocabulary development program for schools and individuals. The software aims to make spelling and vocabulary expansion a fun and engaging yet meaningful experience. It offers an extensive database of words used in various real-life contexts and situations and new lessons curated to improve learning outcomes. Wordela is expected to launch in November 2022.

Over the past 14 years, the eReflect team has spent time developing vocabulary programs that deliver long-term results. Wordela is the latest breakthrough technology that stems from the company’s continuous innovation. The software incorporates proprietary systems, including state-of-the-art learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, which improve knowledge retention accuracy by up to 95%.

Wordela focuses on creating content that users ultimately retain, making it easier for them to use the words they have learned in everyday communication. According to the team, Wordela enables students to “master any vocabulary quickly, easily and automatically in just 10 minutes a day”.

Wordela’s unique approach emphasizes learning rather than memorization. It is built on a proven learning framework that combines deep processing, spaced repetition, and playful learning environments. The software accommodates different learning styles, offers customization, and includes step-by-step training to ensure success for all users.

Each new word includes pronunciation, meaning, and nuanced context. The software definition offers more than the standard dictionary meaning and goes beyond to include real-world based usage examples. Wordela also teaches skills and topics useful in his academic career.

User activity is tracked to establish a consistent learning habit and instill confidence in every progress made. Ultimately, Wordela’s goal is to hone communication skills and allow users to share their thoughts and freely convey new lines of reasoning.

With more students and individuals prioritizing personal development, Wordela’s upcoming launch may open up opportunities for academic and professional growth. It can lead to long-term success results and support a generation of literate and well-rounded individuals.

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