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DTT expands its international distribution | cigar diary

Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) recently added Uniflame, SA in Greece to its growing list of international cigar distributors.

“For us, the focus has always been on cigars first and if we did it right, sales would follow,” says Steve Saka, Founder and Master Ligador of DTT. “We have arguably some of the least aggressive sales practices in the industry in the US market, but we continue to grow astronomically. So much so that we have been forced on three occasions in the past four years to place temporary moratoriums on adding new accounts in the United States in order to ensure both quality service and product for our customers. existing.

“Our approach has been even more discreet and slower when it comes to international distribution, but that network also continues to grow. Between the Habanos restructuring and our own growth trajectory, we received many requests to expand our international footprint. I am very pleased that together with our factory and our international distribution partners, Joya de Nicaragua, SA, we have recently been able to add Uniflame from Greece to our distribution family,” adds Saka.

Current international distributors of DTT:
3F Prague – Czech Republic and Slovakia
Al Kasra for Trade and Marketing – Jordan
Amaris Tobacco – Mexico Cigraal – Hong Kong, Macao, China, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia
Cigar & Tobacco Italy – Italy
Cigar Shack (Raktos) – Australia
Cigarworld – Australia
Colonial Tobacco – Spain
Cur Trader BV – Curacao
Davidoff – Switzerland
J Van Horssen – Netherlands
Luxury Tobacco World – Bahrain
Media Rueda – Belgium and Luxembourg
Mel Caribbean Corp – Dominican Republic
Passion Puro – Germany
Reality, Ltda – Brazil
San Luis cigars – Venezuela
Sol Cigars – Norway
The Leaf Masters – United Arab Emirates
Uniflame – Greece

Saka continues, “As you can see, there are many great places in the world where we have yet to expand, but we have never actively sought out ‘new world’ distributors. We just wait for them to express an interest and go from there – for me it’s not a sprint, but a marathon. That being said, I’m really looking forward to attending InterTabac 2022 in Dortmund, Germany this month. This will be my first trip to the EU in quite a while and I always greatly appreciate the time spent with our international partners, the Joya de Nicaragua team and our mutual customers!

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