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Doyle remains on the ballot after a frivolous attempt to remove it |

PITTSBURGH, April 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Now a judge of the Commonwealth Court Patricia McCullough ordered 12and Congressional District nominee Mike Doyle’s name is to remain on the ballot and awarded him costs and attorney’s fees to assess those who filed the objection. The decision follows a two-day trial that included a line-by-line review of signatures.

Congressional candidate Mike Doyle issued the following statement:

Together, in collaboration with an exceptional and committed group of volunteers, we collected just over 1300 signatures in two weeks. Today, the efforts of a far-left DC law firm, and the special interests behind them, have seen their frivolous attempt to challenge our petitions thrown out of court.

I am grateful that the court accepted that we filed more than enough signatures to appear on the ballot and the voters of the 12and The congressional district will have the opportunity to vote for an independent candidate who will bring a common-sense conservative approach to washington d.c. I look forward to officially launching my campaign soon and carrying my message of opportunity and leadership to all communities in the district.

Allegheny County Republican President Sam Demarco made the following statement:

left-wing lawyer Marc Elias couldn’t help it. Judicial activists on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have already chosen Elias’ gerrymandered Congressional card intended to elect allies of President Biden’s leftist agenda. Elias then sent his lawyers to the 12and Congressional District to suppress votes from Republican voters who demand to have a quality candidate on the ballot. After drawing our Congress maps, Elias now wants to choose our candidates. I’m proud that Mike Doyle resisted this attack.

The Democrat’s desperate attempt to strike Mike Doyle the ballot is revealing… It shows that they are afraid. They know that Mike Doyle is well positioned to defeat any of the far-left and socialist activists Democrats have fielded as candidates in the May primary. Pennsylvanians resent these blatant attempts to disenfranchise the votes of the more than 1,000 Republicans who signed by Mike Doyle petition. They’re eager to send a message to DC by electing Mike Doyle in Congress and dismissing the President Nancy Pelosi.

Westmoreland County Republican President Bill Bretz makes the following statement:

It is absurd that Democrats abused the court system to bring this frivolous challenge to by Mike Doyle candidacy. Arguments made included the attempt to reject the signatures of many voters because they felt the signature was illegible. Among the many unsuccessfully challenged signatures were a sitting county commissioner and his wife, two former GOP county chairmen, a Republican state committee member, and many other dedicated volunteers from our party.

The Democratic operatives behind this tedious scrutiny of petition signatures are unlikely to postpone their recent epiphany on the importance of signature verification to join us in supporting the reinstatement of such security measures on ballots. postal voting and universal voter identification as cornerstones of the election. integrity going forward rather than this cynical, opportunistic attempt to knock a rival off the ballot with frivolous litigation in the hope that the courts will do what they can’t at the ballot box – defeat the Republicans.

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