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Cultivation bench information published by Surna Cultivation Technologies

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Surna Cultivation Technologies, a leader in indoor farming and cannabis cultivation, publishes content about the importance of bench and racking systems for indoor cultivation.

The content published on is part of the company’s vision to help growers become more educated and informed with their indoor grows. Surna has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry since its inception and has helped over 800 indoor growers, including 200 large commercial projects, for over 15 years.

Surna believes that by providing this type of content, growers will be able to make more informed decisions about the equipment they use in their growing operations.

In a recent post, Surna outlines considerations for single tier stationary grow benches, rolling benches, track benches, tiered stands for indoor gardens, expanded metal trays, hydroponic flow trays and reflux, aeroponic systems. “When it comes to indoor farming, benching and racking systems are an essential part of any grow operation. Whether you’re growing cannabis or another type of crop, these systems help optimize space and ensure that your plants have access to the resources they need to thrive,” comments Surna.

Surna notes that one of the benefits of grow benches is to elevate plants off the ground to a comfortable maintenance height. Proper selection of grow beds can help growers by maximizing comfort and efficiency when caring for plants, protecting plants from pests, and reducing stress on plants by limiting unnecessary transportation.

Within the grow industry, this type of stress is referred to as “cannabis transplant shock”. This type of shock refers to the stress plants experience when they are moved from one location to another and damage occurs to an otherwise healthy root system. Cannabis plants, in particular, can be susceptible to stress during the flowering phase of growth.

Surna adds that benches can help better manage root zone temperatures by allowing access to individual plants without moving pots or the trellis. That’s not to say that training is discouraged, however. Surna explains that “training plants improves production and usable space; this can help prevent rot, especially with growing cannabis. Indoor cannabis cultivation offers many advantages over traditional outdoor cultivation. Trellising allows better control of the environment, which can be essential to optimize growth. By controlling the environment of an indoor grow, cannabis growers can improve the efficiency and yield of their crops.

In a recent article highlighting the importance of choosing the right benching system for an indoor grow, Surna notes that “Depending on available space, budget and plant choice, you may want to consider benching systems. vertical shelves. Drying racks and vertical growing rack systems can help streamline your indoor farming operation.

Although Surna encourages the use of indoor benching systems, they also understand that benching is only one facet of a professional growing operation. Surna also provides services such as MEP engineering and architectural design. By collaborating with Surna, growers can rest assured that they are getting a complete solution for their indoor farming needs. Surna’s engineering team has years of experience in designing efficient and effective grow facilities.

Producers looking to partner with Surna can learn more by visiting the company’s website or contacting a representative directly.


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