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Cloquet School District Reached Tentative Agreement, Secretariat Unit – Cloquet Pine Journal

CLOQUET — Following a protracted contract negotiation process between the Cloquet School District and its secretariat unit, Superintendent Michael Cary said the two sides have reached an interim settlement.

The details of the agreement will be put to a vote by the board at the next meeting on August 8. In the meantime, the settlement will be shared with the Board Sub-Committee and with the Secretariat Bargaining Team.

At the board meeting on Monday, July 11 at Garfield School, Cary went on to say that negotiations with the paraprofessional group have been temporarily suspended for summer vacation and will resume on August 30. Negotiations with the main group are ongoing, according to Cary.

“We will see how things go with the directors. If all goes well there, maybe we’ll get lucky and get two (deals) for you at the first meeting in August, but we’re just getting into the process,” Cary said. . “So, we’ll see how it goes.”

The process to reach an agreement took months, as Cary noted during the June 27 board meeting. At that time, negotiations were stagnating as the two sides remained far apart in their offers.

“I think from a board perspective, we have a very generous offer on the table,” Cary said at the June 27 meeting. “It’s more than what we usually offer in a negotiation. That’s still pretty far from what they’re asking for, and I think a big part of what’s driving what our units are asking for is the rapid rise in inflation and other things.

The board of directors votes ‘BL Spirit Pump’

Citing a desire to gather more details about the proposed “BP Spirit Pump” at the British Petroleum (BP) gas station near Highway 33 in Cloquet, the board elected to table the vote for the next meeting on 8 august.

The BP gas pump would be a designated gas pump painted in the colors of Cloquet High School, which would give 2 cents per gallon sold to the Cloquet School District.

The Cumberland School District in Cumberland, Wisconsin is the closest school district to Cloquet with the Spirit pump.

Board member Nate Sandman expressed interest in revising the contract language at the next meeting, while colleague Gary Huard did not rule out the possibility that other gas station companies would also express their interest. interest in the idea.

“I don’t know how it works, but maybe someone else will come along and say, ‘you know what, we’ll give you 3 cents a gallon,'” Huard said.