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City Talks ARPA Funding for Individuals and Businesses | News, Sports, Jobs

Residential and commercial investment seekers will soon find out if their projects have been approved for financing by the city.

The Jamestown Local Development Corporation met Wednesday to discuss the city’s plan to use ARPA grants for the Jamestown residential roof, lateral sewer and watermain replacement and repair program and the city’s commercial building and infrastructure improvement program.

After announcing a program allowing residents to receive funds to make necessary repairs to their homes, the city received 132 applications. Thanks to ARPA funding, the city currently has enough money in the program to fund 30 of these projects.

At Monday’s city council meeting, the city requested additional funding for the program. Next Monday, City Council will vote on a resolution to potentially increase funding that would allow additional applicants to receive funding for their projects.

Meanwhile, the Jamestown Local Development Corporation has passed a motion to allow the town to move forward with its top 30 candidates. The city will notify other applicants if additional funds become available.

“We plan to do the first set that we have funding for,” Crystal Surdyk, Director of Development said.

The priority projects to be treated as a priority by the city are the roofs of the inhabitants. The city took an unbiased approach to determining which projects would be approved first. Only the condition of the applicant’s roofs was taken into consideration. The city did not take into account the identity of the candidates or the location of the projects.

“We took photos of each roof and prioritized them based on need and the condition they are in,” said Surdyk. “The worst would be the top priority.”

The committee said the residential program requires the city to conduct a three-step process. The first step was to ensure that each application was complete. The next step will be to ensure that the designated projects meet all the eligibility conditions. Finally, the city will award the top 30 applicants with the allocated ARPA funds.

“Our hope is that we can start sending out award or denial letters next Friday,” said Surdyk.

The Jamestown Local Development Corporation also discussed the business and infrastructure building program.

While the committee expressed a desire to invest in local businesses as they make notable improvements that could benefit the community, the committee also expressed a desire to vet the best candidates in town to ensure that the money was invested in companies that have not yet received funding.

“What worries me is that it seems like we see some of the same names over and over again,” said Councilman Jeff Russell, Councilor for At-Large.

Surdyk said the city will review whether businesses have received other city funding and will prioritize those that have not received any funding. Once the city has determined a list of top candidates, the committee plans to hold a roundtable with the candidates and visit individual businesses.

The Jamestown Local Development Corporation’s next meeting will be in August, when it is expected to continue the process of determining which companies will receive additional funding from ARPA.

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