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Chemical Society Reviews Journal explores how OncoTEX

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 01 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OncoTEX Inc., an oncology company developing first-class, well-tolerated, MRI-detectable cancer treatments targeting drug-susceptible and drug-resistant solid tumors, today announced its peer-review submission Chemistry Society Reviewsexploring the new AuraTEX gold compound platform technology, and how the human body’s immune system can destroy cancer cells.

The detailed report, Metal-Based Anticancer Agents as Immunogenic Inducers of Cell Death: The Past, Present, and Future; authored by OncoTEX CEO Dr. Jonathan F. Arambula, Professor Jonathan Sessler of the University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Jong Seung Kim of Korea University; highlights the evolution of current cancer therapies and how they have reached a stage where the human immune system can be recruited to fight tumors through the process of immunogenic cell death (ICD).

AuraTEX, a recently acquired gold-based technology and the latest addition to OncoTEX’s TEX Core oncology platform, has the ability to trigger a unique mechanism of immunogenic action. The agent is designed to attack cancer cells causing ICD, a process by which dying cancer cells release a specific biomarker making tumors visible to the human immune system. This disruption triggers a cascade to create killer T cells which then attack and destroy the remaining cancer.

AuraTEX is the first gold-based agent capable of inducing CDI and was originally published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 2020. The 2020 report highlighted the release of key biomarkers and the ability to stimulate the immune system to prevent the establishment and growth of tumors in mice.

“AuraTEX has the potential to make remarkable advances in the field of oncology and I am delighted to lead the development of this new gold compound. The new technology will join our full pipeline in the fight against cancer,” said Dr. Arambula.

“We are delighted to have our research represented in such a prestigious peer-reviewed publication where we discuss how well-designed metal complexes can participate in the unique mechanisms of immunogenic cell death. Designing these types of molecules that can recruit the human immune system to fight cancer is an undertaking, but we are committed to exploring it to advance cancer research. Our mission at OncoTEX is to save lives, and with AuraTEX, we take one more step to make that mission a reality.

Professor Jonathan Sessler added: “This report is an area of ​​tremendous opportunity,” he said. “Based on what we have learned to date, metal-containing drug candidates appear particularly promising for producing tumor immunogenicity. This has us excited about our own entry into the field, AuraTEX, and its potential.

About OncoTEX Inc.
OncoTEX Inc. is an oncology company developing the next class of cancer therapies. OncoTEX owns TEX Core, a novel oncology drug platform that enables the development of pharmaceuticals that localize tumors, exhibit low side effects, target both drug-sensitive and drug-resistant solid tumors, and are detectable by MRI. For more information visit

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