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For the editor:

I was delighted to see the response to my previous letter to the editor asking people to consider running for ISD 88 School Board. It is through the process of opposing opinions and public debates that our constitutional republic continues to be the best form of government. I want to personally thank everyone who ran for office. Being a civil servant requires a lot of commitment and is not easy.

At the April 2022 school board meeting, a petition was presented to the board. He stated: “Classroom instruction by school staff or third parties about sexual or gender identity is not appropriate from kindergarten through at least Grade 3, and therefore any such instruction should be eliminated from these classrooms as soon as possible.” The petitioners have asked current school board members, acting as individuals and not board members, to publicly state their agreement or disagreement with this statement. To my knowledge, not a single current board member has responded to date.

Perhaps now that the campaign is underway, it might be a good time for at least the incumbents running for re-election – and the new challengers – to answer that question. Having had four months to respond, it would have been nice for all of the board members to respond, but, well, that’s probably not going to happen. As a rule, Le Journal interviews candidates for the school board and gives them the opportunity to express their views shortly after the filing deadline. I hope this question will be on the short list of questions posed to each candidate.

Paul Platz


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