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Biden seeks more COVID money | LETTER

The Biden administration can’t seem to spend enough taxpayer money. Now he’s crying out for more COVID spending (“Gridlock could delay US COVID funds until fall — or later,” Review-Journal Thursday). A spokesperson said: “The United States is heading for many unnecessary losses of life if Congress fails to provide billions more dollars to prepare for the next wave of the pandemic.”

Hasn’t enough money already been spent and wasted? I refer to a Dec. 31 editorial in the Review-Journal which states, “Since March 2020, Washington has disbursed $3.5 trillion in COVID relief cash. Criminals stole nearly $100 billion from it. This debacle highlights the incompetence of the federal government when it comes to overseeing the massive spending programs favored by politicians in Washington.

Now, I read in your Thursday editorial that the Clark County School District is proposing pay raises and bonuses that will cost over $100 million. District officials say they will use pandemic money to pay premiums. Apparently there’s still a lot of COVID money out there.

I suggest that before defrauding taxpayers any further, the President urge federal law enforcement to take action to recover the huge amount of money already wasted and stolen – and use it for future COVID needs. .