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BernCo sheriff’s deputies will receive a $5,000 bonus

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Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office deputies will receive a one-time $5,000 bonus next month under a new union contract.

However, their hourly wages will remain largely unchanged.

A first-class deputy will earn $63,648 — the same amount as after the county’s last cost-of-living adjustment, according to the county attorney’s office.

This does not include the longevity allowance, which ranges from $2,600 per year in the fifth year to $15,600 for those who have served more than 17 years. It’s the same as the old contract.

The new contract – which takes effect on July 1 and lasts for one year – includes some adjustments.

MPs will now get a little more money for buying and cleaning their uniforms — $236.25 per term compared to $225 in the last contract — and a little more for education. MPs with a bachelor’s degree now receive $1,664 per year, up from $1,620 previously.

There are also some changes to the time limits for which MPs can challenge disciplinary actions, including dismissals and suspensions. MPs now have seven days to file a grievance, up from 10 under the previous deal.

The new contract also modifies some of the standards relating to promotions.

Bernalillo County deputies’ pay remains below Albuquerque Police Department pay. An early-career APD officer now earns $68,411 in base salary per year.

APD officers also receive annual incentives of up to $5,200, though the city ties it to length of service in the same area command. They must stay in the same location for at least a year to qualify and only receive the full $5,200 if they have been there for four years.