Journal entries

Avicii wrote about ‘fears’ and ‘urgent pain’ in the last diary entries before the 2018 death

A new book sheds light on Aviciithe latest log entries.

Journalist Mans Mosesson explores the life and legacy of the late DJ in his new book Tim – Avicii’s official biography.

Avicci (Tim Bergling) died by suicide on April 20, 2018 at the age of 28 and the book features some of the journal entries the musician wrote during his stays at various treatment facilities.

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“I had a hard time accepting that I would never drink again, although all the doctors strongly suggested waiting at least a year before even drinking a beer,” he wrote, according to the New York Post. “Of course I didn’t listen to the majority of doctors, I listened to the couple who said it was OK if I was careful.

“I was ignorant and naive and traveling the world, always on the endless tour – because once you circled it, guess what? You start over right away. Those days in the hospital were the most anxious and stress-free days I can remember in the last six years, these are my real holidays, as depressing as that sounds,” he continued.

A 2015 entry describes a family intervention that led him to check into the Ibiza Calm rehab center.

“It had to be explained to me very logically and like a caveman for me to really understand its nature and how it hurt me,” he wrote. “Ouch, the pain. Why am I in pain now? Uncomfortable feeling.

“Future Tim cope with the pain. Future Tim manage pain better than today Tim because there are already too many more urgent pains to manage.

Later, the “Levels” singer adopted Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s meditation practices, meditating for hours at a time.

“I feel like I’m in a new default mode of being that’s very new and kind of scary,” he explained. “I felt like the fears of the past two days had taken their toll on me, but I remember the advice to focus on my breathing.”

“Loss of the soul is the last attachment, before it begins again!” its last journal entry reads.

Tim – Avicii’s official biography will be released on January 18.

The DJ’s posthumous album TIM was released after his death and you can listen to it here.