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¯ Brigette D. Houston, 50, of Jamestown, has been charged with trespassing. Officers responded at 8:09 p.m. Saturday to Walmart for a reported intrusion. It was learned that Houston allegedly entered the store and refused to leave on several occasions. Houston had previously been the victim of a store intrusion. Houston is scheduled to appear in Busti City Court later.


¯ Brian S. McGonagle, 29, of Cherry Creek, was arrested April 6 on a felony warrant. McGonagle was transported to the Cattaraugus County Jail and held for court.

¯ RANDOLPH – Trajan M. Wofford, 23, of Jamestown, was taken into custody on a warrant following a traffic stop Friday involving the Ellicott Police Department. Ellicott police turned Wofford over to sheriff’s deputies in Randolph. Wofford was arraigned in Randolph Town Court and released to appear in court later.


¯ SILVER CREEK – Shawn A. Winkelman, 48, of Silver Creek, was charged with failing to yield to a stop sign, operating without a first-degree aggravated license, driving while intoxicated and an aggravated blood alcohol level of 0.18% or higher. Deputies responded at 2:18 p.m. on April 4 at Lake Avenue in Silver Creek for a vehicle that allegedly drove through a fence and into a yard. It was learned that a vehicle failed to yield to a stop sign at the intersection of Buffalo and Howard Streets and in doing so struck a tractor-trailer traveling on Howard Street. The vehicle then struck a fence, entered a yard, struck another fence and came to a stop after hitting a small tree. An investigation revealed that Winkelman was allegedly driving with a revoked license and under the influence of alcohol. He is due to appear in Hanover City Court later.

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